Finally the Cows!

Dini read about us in the ‘Northern newspaper’ back in may 2007, she fell in love with the cows and kept the article untill she was ready for a new kitchen.

Last december she was finally ready to order her ‘Cows in the Field’ and we can now see the result!

“My kitchen has become a jewel and everyone yells surprised: “wow, cool, I've never seen this before!”
It took me a while to get the right image that does justice to the effect it has. The cow in the middle is a true gem.
Thanks so much! And I'm really happy that I kept the article of may 2007 and put it away safely. And that the kitchen supplier (Vison keukens bv Groningen, who installed the splashback also) as well as yourselves delivered it exactly as I hoped it would turn out.”