Part 5

At PimpYourKitchen we make a custom design for each and every kitchen splashback that is ordered. When making the design for your kitchen we adjust the image to fit well on your dimensions. Also in case of heightdifference and sockets on the back wall we will design the kitchen splashback to fit nicely in your home. Whether your kitchen splashback is straight, cornered or u-shaped, for each type a design can be made.

Even if you like to order a splashback design just to go behind the hob in your kitchen, that's possible.


Any relevant information you give us of your kitchen, will be shown in the splashback design. For instance, placing of sockets and differences in heigth are indicated on the design by grey squares. Corners in the kitchen, or other separations are marked on the design by the blue lines. Next to that you can see the rulers on the top and left of the splashback design. This shows you the size of the kitchen splashback in centimeters, from this you can also tell the actual size of objects in the design. All this should give you a pretty good idea how your splashback design will look like when your kitchen is finished!


Every month we send dozens of designs to our customers. We thought it would be nice to share a selection of the kitchen splashback designs we create every month. This should give you a good idea of the diversity in splashback designs that we create for kitchens all over Europe. Are you curious about a design that we did, or would you like us to make a custom splashback design for your kitchen? Send us an e-mail with your question and we would be happy to Pimp Your Kitchen!


The following selection is part 5.


Kitchen splashback design: Couvert, here it is used without text, but we can add any text that you like on there.


Kitchen splashback design:Lemon Drops, see how the socket positions for this kitchen are indicated with the grey squares? All details you provide us with will be incorporated in the design. This way we can make it fit your kitchen perfectly!


Kitchen splashback design: Clocks, a design one of our customers created herself. In case you forget breakfast, lunch and dinner times in your house, here's a good reminder! Do you have a design yourself? Send us ane-mail to see what we can do for you!


Kitchen splashback design: Having good holiday memories of that special beach you went to? Enjoy the view in your kitchen every day and wake up happy! If you don't have high quality images, you can see what istockphoto has to offer.


Kitchen splashback design: Stacked Trees, you can have as much trees as we can fit on there, or we can arrange them neatly to fit your size of splashback. 


Kitchen splashback design: Dramatic view of New York City, see the statue of Liberty in the background there? 


Kitchen splashback design: Grand Canyon, this istockphoto image runs over two connecting walls. Since the image was shorter than the length of the walls combined, we have extended the image to make it fit over the entire kitchen wall. 


Kitchen splashback design: Wallpaper pattern, an almost unrecognizable image from istockphoto. We have changed the colours and edited the image so that it could be repeated seamlessly over the entire wall. 


Kitchen splashback design: Hugisattel, keep it cool with these snowwhite mountaintops in your kitchen! This particular design went to Germany for a kitchen with two connecting walls. 


Kitchen splashback design: Harport, see how the light shines on the hills? The splashback ended up in Jelly and Henk's kitchen, you can see exactly what the result looks like here!


Kitchen splashback design: Royal Orange, as you might know, orange is our national colour! But besides from that it also looks very bright and sunny. Especially as a kitchen splashback!


Kitchen splashback design: We all know pets can be curious, especially when it concerns food! Imagine them staring at you with those big eyes, while preparing food in your kitchen. This image was sent to us by a customer, want to see what we can do for you? Have a look at our own image / idea page, for some useful guidelines. You can always send us an e-mail!



Kitchen splashback design: Pesto, an image, combined with a recipe and text to wish you a good meal. What more could you ask for?


Kitchen splashback design: Our Papaver Somniferum design, almost a classic design. Stylish yet subtle, where else can you find a design which is custom made to fit your kitchen?


Kitchen splashback design: Dachshund! An image that one of our customers really wanted to use a a splashback design. To make it fit the specific measurements, we've copied the image and removed some elements from the image. Would you like to see what we can do with your image? Have a look at our own image/idea page, for some useful guidelines. You can always send us an e-mail!



Kitchen splashback design: Grand Dessert, we can change the amount and height of the bottles, so they align nicely on your kitchen worktop. The good thing about these wines is that you'll never run out!


Kitchen splashback design: Sparkling Glass, glasses in bright and happy colours, this design consists of two parts, one taller part and one small section. By combining them in the same design, you can see exactly how they will look in your kitchen.


Kitchen splashback design: Wolfsbarsch, as you can see we've translated this design for Germany. Whenever we can we will adjust our designs to your personal wishes and preferences.


Kitchen splashback design: Yellow Meadow, we have flipped the design for this kitchen, to fit better with the extractor hood position.


Kitchen splashback design: Kitchenparts Two, we make every design for each kitchen custom to size. For this image we can change the coloured squares, you can choose a specific colour that matches the colour scheme of your kitchen. Or if you want it without any colour, that is possible too!


Kitchen splashback design: Apples, Fresh green apples, bouncing on your kitchen wall!


Kitchen splashback design: Ooijpolder view, we are lucky enough to have such beautiful views right around our corner. We offer it as a splashback design so you get to enjoy it too! So it happens that this design is now on display in a kitchen in Germany.


Kitchen splashback design: Red Apples, this again, is an image found by one of our customers on We have edited the image so that it can be continued across the full length of splashback.  


Kitchen splashback design: Another image chosen from, a view of Indonesian ricefields. Through our own image / idea page you can ask for a quote if you found the image that you like. We will show you the possibilities and will calculate the costs. 


Kitchen splashback design: Mustardgreen, if you don't want an image but just a colourful splashback, we can also make that happen for you. This way you will have a stunning splashback design with all the advantages of an easy to clean splashback material.


Kitchen splashback design: Blossom, a combination of our Blossom image and a personal text. If you have a quote or personal text that you would like us to incorporate into a design, just let us know, we'd be happy to see what we can do for you!