Since 2007 we've been designing and producing photographic splashbacks on our specially developed laminated material. A splashback is simpy ordered online through our website on the dimensions needed for your kitchen. We will design your splashback with the image of your choice, either from our collection or an image or idea that you provide us with. The splashback will be packed in a sturdy cardboard tube and sent to you by mail. You can apply the splashback in your kitchen using wallpaper adhesive, for this we've created a detailed usermanual and there's an online instruction video available.


Splashback material

PimpYourKitchen splashbacks are made out of a high-quality latex-based paper printed with pigmented ink.
This paper is laminated on one side. The laminate contains a UV-filter, which keeps the colours fresh. Our splashbacks have a thickness of approximately 0,5 mm and can be cut easily, in case of sockets or switches on the back wall. 



A PimpYourKitchen splashback in one piece can have virtually any length, with a maximum height of 133 cm.  

For technical reasons we can only produce and deliver rectangular shaped splashbacks. In case of differences in heigth (distance from worktop to cupboards and to extractor hoods, for example) you can order the total length x the tallest height. Let us know the details of your kitchen and we will adjust the design to fit your kitchen in the best possible way. If you have doubts on the dimensions to enter for your order, don't hesitate and e-mail us your question on:


The splashback will be delivered on the ordered dimensions, rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube. In case of height differences or sockets on the back wall, you can cut the splashback to size using a sharp knife. We don't make these cuts beforehand, however we can design your splashback to have no vital parts of the image in areas that you need to cut into. When you send us all relevant details of your kitchen we will fit the image to match your kitchen in the best possible way.



You can clean your splashback with a soft cloth with multi-purpose cleaner or soap. Do not use the following substances when cleaning your splashback: solvents, degreasing agents, bleaching agents, resin removers, abrasive cleaners.


Fire safety
Every PimpYourKitchen splashback is self-extinguishing (flame spread classification class A, based on ASTM E84 method).


PimpYourKitchen gives you a 5-year guarantee that the image of your splashback will stay colourfast


Applying the splashback

The surface, to which you wish to attach your splashback, should be solid, dry, and free from dust and grease. Irregularities on the surface will be visible when the splashback is installed. You can attach the splashback using the recommended adhesives by manufacturer Solvite, who has a variety of adhesives for different surfaces. Our splashback have been tested extensively with these adhesives in the laboratoria of Henkel. Each splashback comes with a piece of testmaterial, you will receive a copy of our usermanual by e-mail. It can also be downloaded from our website here: usermanual PDF.


We also have an instruction video online, where you can see our handyman Bram installing a Pink Tulips splashback. You can see the preparations and how to cut out spacing for sockets. In this video the splashback is installed with wallpaper adhesive on a smooth plastered wall. After that the edges are sealed of with transparent silicon sealant.






Lead time

The lead time for a PimpYourKitchen splashback is normally 2 to 3 weeks. When a splashback is ordered, payed for and has an approved design we will start the production. The splashback will be ready to ship from the Netherlands 2 to 3 weeks after that. Delivery times depend on the country that you are ordering from. 



Our PimpYourKitchen splashbacks are shipped rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube, to the address you've stated as delivery address. We will send it through DHL from Germany. They have offered the most reliable service with track and trace for your package. When the splashback has been shipped, we will notify you by e-mail, with a tracking code for your package. Delivery time depends on where you are ordering from. Unfortunately we can't control delivery once the package has been sent, so bear with us if it takes a bit longer to arrive.