John photographed for the Dutch magazine "Woonwens"


"Gelderlander" article may 2007


  Jolien van Es


 Jan Beukers


about us

Commercial photographer John Kraft thinks in images, not so strange that, when he decided to rebuild his photostudio to a combined living- and workspace, he came up with a photographic solution for the back wall of his new kitchen.
With a manufacturer, John started experimenting with different materials and prints. Eventually a product has been developed that has an amazing photographic quality and that is suitable for this specific solution.

"People were so enthusiastic about our splashback design with cows, that a commercial idea soon developed".

PimpYourKitchen started in April of 2007 in the Netherlands, since then also a German, Belgian and English website were launched to cater for the demand coming from these countries.

"People have been painting the walls of their home surroundings for ages, with images that appeal to them and that make them feel straight at home. This is exactly what we aim for with our designs. Our splashback designs give you an opportunity to personalise a space which doesn't come to mind in the first thought."

"The great thing about our small company is that we have a lot of personal contact with our customers. Sometimes people visit our studio or e-mail us with pictures and ideas. From there on we will look, together with our customer, to find the best fitting solution for creating images in their kitchen. Occassionally I shoot images on request in our studio and will add this to our range of designs. This way we are inspired by the ideas that our customers come up with!"




As of 01-05-2017 PimpYourKitchen is acquired by Duropanel B.V. Lochem part of Kamp Coating Group


After almost 10 years John Kraft decided to pass on the company to a new team.

From today, the 1st of May, Jolien van Es and Jan Beukers will proceed

Both working at the same company that manufactures the Pimp Superior splash backs for years now and have all the knowledge to continue successfully.


Jolien is a graphic designer and signmaker, she will handle all the communication with the costumers and make the personal designs.


“Because of my work as a Graphic designer I’m very interested in design and images, It’s exciting to work together with the costumer to make the perfect splash back for their kitchen”

“I’m a big fan of New York City. Therefore, my favourite image from our collection is definitely ‘Foggy NYC’”


Jan is manager of Duropanel, business to business is his main focus.


“My focus will be towards kitchen and bathroom suppliers. We can make everything from tabletops to closet doors, a lot of possibilities are within reach.”

“Because of my love for nature, I like a lot of the splash back designs made within this theme. Applicable in many ways, sustainable en hygienic with a beautiful finish.”

“Jolien and I will make sure you will get the same excellent service you’re used to, we are ready!”

The item below has been recorded for the television program "My First Home" of RTL4, the largest commercial network in the Netherlands. Allthough it is dated, it still gives a good idea of the way we work. (The item is in Dutch.)