Part 10

At PimpYourKitchen we make a custom design for each and every kitchen splashback that is ordered. When making the design for your kitchen we adjust the image to fit well on your dimensions. Also in case of heightdifference and sockets on the back wall we will design the kitchen splashback to fit nicely in your home. Whether your kitchen splashback is straight, cornered or u-shaped, for each type a design can be made.

Even if you like to order a splashback design just to go behind the hob in your kitchen, that's possible.


Any relevant information you give us of your kitchen, will be shown in the splashback design. For instance, placing of sockets and differences in heigth are indicated on the design by grey squares. Corners in the kitchen, or other separations are marked on the design by the blue lines. Next to that you can see the rulers on the top and left of the splashback design. This shows you the size of the kitchen splashback in centimeters, from this you can also tell the actual size of objects in the design. All this should give you a pretty good idea how your splashback design will look like when your kitchen is finished!


Every month we send dozens of designs to our customers. We thought it would be nice to share a selection of the kitchen splashback designs we create. The designs we display here are mostly different from our own collection of images that you find in our shop section. This should give you a good idea of the diversity in splashback designs that we create for kitchens all over Europe. All designs are available on our specially developed laminated splashback material. The designs are designed and produced in the Netherlands. As this material is flexible it can be rolled up and shipped to you in a sturdy cardboard tube. 


Are you curious about a design that we did, or would you like us to make a custom splashback design for your kitchen? Send us an e-mail with your question and we would be happy to Pimp Your Kitchen!


The following selection is part 10.


Kitchen splashback design: Bamboo, ordered on our Pimp Solid material. The client has bought these pictures at a stock photo agency, we used them to make this design for two small kitchenwalls.


Kitchen splashback design: Our fruit pictures combined, order on our Pimp Superior material. Fresh fruit is not only healthy and tasteful, it's also a treat for the eyes. A good choice for every kitchen! You can take a look at the result in Steve's kitchen (BE) here. Besides this design with fruit, we have made a design for Steve with pots and pans for the kitchen and a splashback with waterdrops for the bathroom.


Kitchen splashback design: Blossom in black and white, ordered on our Pimp Superior material. Our designs can also be inverted into black and white, that is what we did here for Geralda.


Kitchen splashback design: Londen Houses of Parliament, ordered on our Pimp Solid material. One of the most characteristic views of London, the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben.


Kitchen splashback design: Recipes, ordered on our laminated splashback material. Family Jörg from Germany wanted to have the ingredients of their favourite meals near at hand. This way they never have to look them up again!


Kitchen splashback design: Not only very rich of smell and taste, but also a feast for the eyes. Different herbs, ordered on our Pimp Superior material. Klara and Alexander were looking for something colourful for in their kitchen. They found these images at Shutterstock, that we put together for their design.


Kitchen splashback design: Views on sea, ordered on our laminated splashback material. Because one picture often is not big enough to cover the whole wall in good quality, you can also use more pictures and put them together. We leveled out the horizon so that they nicely fit together.


Kitchen splashback design: Impressive view from Mont Saint-Michel (Normandy) from the river with low tide. Mont Saint-Michel, ordered on our laminated splashback material.


Kitchen splashback design: Glass bottles, ordered on our laminated splashback material. Caroline from the UK saw this image on our preview page and she immediately was sold!


Kitchen splashback design: Hudson bay, ordered on our Pimp Solid material. This picture perfectly fits in this cornered kitchen. The skyscrapers in New York stand out in the cloudy sky. In the background you can see the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island.


Kitchen splashback design: Fresh figs, photographed on soft silk paper. The image is razor sharp, we can show the figs in close-up or from further away. For the laminated splashback for Elena (DE) we have positioned the figs exactly on the desired place. 


Kitchen splashback design: Twisted lines, ordered on our laminated splashback. We can draw the lines until the end, but we can also let them end at both sides, like we did here.


Kitchen splashback design: Almond blossom of van Gogh, the file is delivered and ordered on our Pimp Superior material. Especially on this beautiful material the picture can be fully appreciated!