Part 7

At PimpYourKitchen we make a custom design for each and every kitchen splashback that is ordered. When making the design for your kitchen we adjust the image to fit well on your dimensions. Also in case of heightdifference and sockets on the back wall we will design the kitchen splashback to fit nicely in your home. Whether your kitchen splashback is straight, cornered or u-shaped, for each type a design can be made.

Even if you like to order a splashback design just to go behind the hob in your kitchen, that's possible.


Any relevant information you give us of your kitchen, will be shown in the splashback design. For instance, placing of sockets and differences in heigth are indicated on the design by grey squares. Corners in the kitchen, or other separations are marked on the design by the blue lines. Next to that you can see the rulers on the top and left of the splashback design. This shows you the size of the kitchen splashback in centimeters, from this you can also tell the actual size of objects in the design. All this should give you a pretty good idea how your splashback design will look like when your kitchen is finished!


Every month we send dozens of designs to our customers. We thought it would be nice to share a selection of the kitchen splashback designs we create every month. This should give you a good idea of the diversity in splashback designs that we create for kitchens all over Europe. Are you curious about a design that we did, or would you like us to make a custom splashback design for your kitchen? Send us an e-mail with your question and we would be happy to Pimp Your Kitchen!


The following selection is part 7.


Kitchen splashback design: Strawberry Splash, fresh and fruity strawberries! See how we create a playful and fitting design for each kitchen splashback? This way the splashback will fit your kitchen perfectly to give it the perfect finishing touch!


 Kitchen splashback design: Spring Grass, fresh sprouts of green grass, popping up from behind your worktop surface! We can change the height of the grass to get the perfect balance between green and white. Really a great design if you are looking to freshen up your kitchen. Remember that we can make our splashbacks on any size that you need, so if you have a big or a small kitchen, we can make you a fitting kitchen splashback design!


Kitchen splashback design: Twisted Lines at Evelien's request we've made this bright coloured lines design. It turned out to be exactly what she had in mind! You can see the result in our Pimped Kitchens section, Twisted Lines in Evelien's kitchen. 


Kitchen splashback design: Another istockphoto image, colourful spices at the market! The image itself was square, but the splashback needed to be much wider. By repeating the image and making it connect seamlessly, we can have the image continue across the entire kitchen back wall. This way also the image quality is maintained, leaving a sharp image with all details intact!


Kitchen splashback design: Dry Martini, stunning in its simplicity. As we show the standard image in our image catalogue, it has a lightblue background. That doesn't mean that there aren't other possibilities with this design! We can also leave the background white, where the glasses are more subtle on the kitchen splashback. Do you prefer dramatic black? We can invert the colours to get a dark and mysterious splashback design!



Kitchen splashback design: Are you a fan of wallpaper patterns? For sure it would look lovely behind your kitchen worktop! But regular wallpaper will stain so easily and some parts can be ruined soon if you are a fanatic cook. There are lots of wallpaper patterns available on istockphoto that can connect seamlessly. This allows us to make a fitting splashback design for any size of splashback. With illustrations we can often change the colours too, so even that we can customize to your specific wishes. This specific design we've made for Sandra on our laminated kitchen splashback material, just like a wallpaper but washable and suited for use in kitchens!


Kitchen splashback design: Jumping Orange, why always stick between the lines? By not positioning each orange within the canvas, you get more movement in the image. As if they are falling from behind your cupboards away under the worktop!


Kitchen splashback design: Waterdrop in close-up, an image that our customer found himself and sent to us for a splashback design. Curious to know if we can use your own image for a kitchen splashback? See more information on our own image page. Or send us an e-mail with your question!


Kitchen splashback design: Another colourful illustration from istockphoto. Are you all in for flowers, bees and happy bright colours? This might be the right design for you. This splashback design will surely put you in an uplifting mood everytime you enter the kitchen!


Kitchen splashback design: Pink Gerberas, ever so popular at the florist shop and with our customers as well. There are so many colours and varieties of daisy flowers that they are fitting for every interior and occasion. Our pink daisies can be combined for a fitting design for every kitchen. See how the flowers in this design are positioned around the sockets.


Kitchen splashback design: You can make your splashback very personal by having quotes or lines that are dear to your heart on a splashback design. For this design Tanja chose to add Swedish as language to the Enjoy Your Meal Typographic design. If you'd like to have your text turned into a kitchen splashback design, send us an e-mail with your text, wishes and size of splashback. We'd be happy to show you what we can do with it!


Kitchen splashback design: Our Butterfly design, unfortunately it's harder and harder to spot butterflies when you're outdoors. And when you do they don't stay in one place long enough to study them! From our local museamshop we have borrowed these examples to capture them on photographs forever. Through our splashback designs we share their beauty with you!


Kitchen splashback design: Waves, the waves of this splashback design come rollin' into your kitchen! An impressive sight in your kitchen, we'd love to show you the final result in the kitchen but haven't received the image yet.


Kitchen splashback design: Lovely studio images of purple tulips, this design is a combination of various images from istockphoto. It may be that u can't find exactly the image you are looking for in our wide collection of own images. A stocksite such as may give you just what you are looking for, there are images on countless topics and available in good image quality.   


Kitchen splashback design: Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, for sure we don't have to explain to you the beauty of this splashback design, do we? And no, having this design as a splashback in your kitchen says nothing about your alcoholic consumption! 


Kitchen splashback design: Barcode, something as basic as a barcode can be turned into a worthy splashback design! Do you have the skills and means to create your own design? You can send us the design and we can turn it into a kitchen splashback for you. If you need tips or details about file specifications, just ask us. We will always check your design to make sure the best quality is guaranteed.